About Us

A Peek into Physiovits Origins


Physiovits is a team of medicos & health enthusiasts working together to build a nutraceutical brand that simplifies your search for nutritional supplements that are efficacious as well as affordable. Our ideology is to promote preventive healthcare.


We have evolved from our parent company Vkare Bio Sciences Pvt. Ltd. established since 2012. Under Vkare we have been manufacturing high quality stethoscopes, medical instruments & rehabilitation support aids & Fuschia brand of Natural handmade skincare & haircare products. Nutritional supplements have been on our list for quite a while, but Covid pandemic has accelerated our process of evolution. We have all witnessed this paradigm shift in the way people perceive nutritional supplements.

Nutraceutical brands have flooded the markets creating another level of confusion. Which supplement to take? What is the correct dosage? This packaging appears catchy but is it effective? Hence PHYSIOVITS ! We are a NO FRILLS brand. We are here to simplify your search for supplements that target you specific nutritional needs.

Our Brands


Medical equipment, Stethoscopes, Rehabilitation support aids, Disposables & Digital healthcare Monitors.


Natural, Handmade Skincare & Haircare brand, devoid of harmful chemicals like SLS/SLES, Parabens, Phthalates & Mineral Oils.




Our Quality

Our quality is our USP. Science sets standards for us. Scientific data & clinical trials form the basis of our compositions. Physiovits is essentially evidence based. From sourcing of ingredients to manufacturing processes, we don't settle for anything less than the best.


Our Commitment

We are committed to ourselves for setting standards for the quality we provide and more importantly upholding it. We are committed to each one of you who has laid their trust in us.


Our Target

Our target is to make people aware of the nutritional gaps. Reaching out to healthcare providers in time & getting proper treatment before the nutritional deficiencies take down multiple systems of the body is of paramount importance. Our ideology is to protect, promote and maintain health and well-being.